Board of Appeals Online Petition Center

Electronic Filing Process

Taxpayers or their representatives may file a petition by clicking "Submit a Petition" and logging in using their Revenue e-Signature or Keystone account. During this process you will be asked to provide information pertinent to your tax appeal, such as ID's and tax periods. You will be provided the opportunity to type in your Issues & Arguments and upload any electronic documents that you wish to submit along with your petition. The estimated time to complete a petition is approximately 10 - 20 minutes. Once you log in and begin you have 2 hours to complete the process before your session expires.

The final step to completing your electronic petition is to view a summary of all of the information you have provided, and to click on "Submit Appeal". The next screen that appears will again display a summary of the information you have submitted, along with a unique Confirmation Number. Please note that no information is sent to the Board of Appeals until you click "Submit Appeal". Likewise, your petition is not officially received by the Board of Appeals if you do not receive a confirmation number.

If you prefer to submit a paper petition form instead of filing electronically, you may download and print out the PDF version of the REV-65 form. Printed petition forms may be submitted to the Board of Appeals via US Mail, Express Mail, or Courier. Petitions submitted via email or over the phone are not admissible.

Please note: Board of Appeals Decision & Orders and Corporation Tax Resettlements are issued by the Board of Appeals, and appeals of these documents cannot be filed again with the Board of Appeals. If you wish to appeal a Decision & Order or a Resettlement from the Board of Appeals, you may file a petition with the Board of Finance and Revenue within the timeframe noted on the Decision & Order or Resettlement. The forms and instructions can be found on the PA Treasury website linked from the left side of this website. The exception is Inheritance Tax refund cases which are not filed with the Board of Finance and Revenue, but with the Court of Common Pleas, Orphan's Court Division, in the appropriate county.

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